Development of methods for volume measuring and quality determination for a certain enterprise

Accurate and uninterrupted operation of wood supply and acceptance services at any enterprise largely depends on its structure organization and measurement methods development. Using many years of practical experience with large forest enterprises, the company's specialists offer the organizational scheme for acceptance, considering local characteristics and production requirements.

Software development and electronic database creation

Automation of acceptance and accounting of timber allows us to have operational information, to track the remains of raw materials in warehouses in real time, to control the loading and discharge of timber on the production territory, as well as to work without delay on the organization of warehouses for operational and long-term storage. All software is developed considering customer requirements.

Organization of twenty-four-seven timber acceptance and expertise

Timber expertise is impossible without qualified personnel, professional equipment, modern and certified measuring instruments. The equipment of each workplace is made in accordance with the tasks to be performed and provides for the possibility of expertise and accounting of raw materials supplied by various types of transport.

Creation of a system of control of internal storage movements of the raw materials' movement

Operational and long-term storage warehouses, reclamation timber, external supply of raw materials by all types of transport, removal of timber from the territory of the enterprise, supply to production - all this is subject to mandatory accounting and control. The development and organization of a control of internal storage movements system allows us to eliminate gaps, reflect the quality and breed composition of raw materials with maximum reliability.

Internal control system organization

The issue of objectiveness in the timber expertise is rather important. There are various control systems in order for both the supplier and the buyer to be confident in the correct assessment of the quantity and quality of raw materials. Our specialists have created and implemented several systems that are offered to customers.