Measurement and quality determination of timber by the group method

Our company executes the timber expertise by a group method in accordance with the current industry and state standards of the Russian Federation. This method allows carrying out the timber expertise quickly, cheaply, and with sufficient accuracy. With this method, it is advisable to measure round timber for the production of pulp, wood pulp, as well as large stocks of timber in warehouses and stacks.

Piece-by-piece measurement and quality determination of round timber

The piece-by-piece volume accounting is a method for measuring the volume of timber, which involves measuring the diameter, length of a log and calculating the volume according to the adopted log model. Measurements by this method are believed to be more accurate than by group accounting methods and allow obtaining more detailed information about the quality and volume of raw materials; however, these measurements are more time and cost consuming. This accounting method is used, as a rule, when examining expensive raw materials (veneer materials, sawlogs, etc.).

Inventory of timber storage warehouses

The experts of Schmidt & Olofson, JSC conduct an inventory of timber stocks in warehouses, industrial sites, and logging sites. During the inventory, the quantity, species composition, quality and compliance of round timber with technical documentation or another document presented by the customer for the inventory of the warehouse are determined.

Volume measurement and quality determination of industrial wood chips

The company's specialists perform work related to the measurement of chips and the determination of their quality. The main goal is to determine the quality of the technological wood chips, i.e., establishing the degree of compliance of certain quality indicators in the selected samples with specified brands according to the state standards and / or other regulatory documents.

Measurement of bulk heaps of bark, sawdust and other timber

Measurement of the volume of bark, sawdust and other timber, as well as production waste stored in an open way in bulk (heaps), is performed by an electronic digital total station of the SOKKIA type or its analogues, which have a minimum error. Devices, as well as other measuring instruments, are subject to mandatory verification and have appropriate certificates.

Control measurements of timber consignments

In the case of disputable situations, the experts of our company will assess the quality and determine the amount of timber objectively, independently and competently throughout the territory of Russia and in neighboring countries.