Comprehensive expert testing of food products

ZAO Schmidt & Olofson carries out comprehensive expert testing of food products: fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, canned food, grain, sugar, and any other product groups.

The company carries out surveying sea and river ships: expert evaluation of quality of food products, tallying, checking for compliance with Shipping Rules, issuing recommendations for shipping and transfer conditions, and expert testing of shipping and accompanying documentation.

Additional examination of goods delivered by ships, trucks, or railroad at the receiver warehouse.

Our company is listed in the register of the Baltic Customs, licensed to carry out surveying in any region of the Russian Federation, has the ISO-9002-26 international quality system certificate, and is a member of the Association of Independent Surveyors.

The staff of our company includes highly qualified specialists: experts, surveyors, and tallymen.

Our experts passed their internship on fruit and vegetable plantations in numerous European countries, Argentina, Turkey, and Ecuador. Some experts have degrees and honors, publications, and extensive experience in scientific and practical work. The company developed the first Russian GOST 51603-2000 National Standard for fresh bananas.

Our surveyors have extensive experience in working at the sea transport. This ensures the high quality of our work. International partners operating on the goods market of Russia have acknowledged our evaluation of the quality of food products.

Our work results in a detailed report on qualitative evaluation of delivered freights based on current international standards and standards of the Russian Federation.

During inspections, we use specialized measuring equipment, archive the quality of goods by making photographing them using digital cameras, and compose surveyor reports upon finishing freight examination.

Over 15 ships go through expert evaluation and freight tallying monthly.