Organizing around-the-clock quality control

and continuous accounting of transportation of raw materials

- Developing methods of measuring volume and determining quality for a given company

Smooth and uninterrupted operation of lumber supply and quality control services at a company depends greatly on the organization of the structure and development of measurement methods. Utilizing seven years of our experience, specialists of the company offer organizational schemes of quality control adapted to local peculiarities and manufacturing requirements.

- Developing software and creating electronic databases

Automation of the process of quality control of lumber and raw materials allows for obtaining relevant information, and for tracking the quantity of remaining raw materials at warehouses, controlling load and unload of lumber on territories of manufacturing complexes, and carrying out work on forming warehouses of short- and long-term storage in real time. All software is custom developed in accordance with the requirements of the client.

- Organizing around-the-clock points of control and expert testing of raw materials

Expert testing of raw materials requires highly qualified staff, professional equipment, and advanced certified measurement instruments. Each workplace is equipped according to its tasks and allows for expert testing and accounting of raw materials supplied using various means of transportation.

- Creating systems of continuous accounting of transportation of raw materials

Short- and long-term storage warehouses, reclaimed lumber, external supplies of raw materials by all means of transportation, transporting wood from the territory of a company, and delivery to the manufacture, all of this is subject to obligatory accounting and control. The development and organization of a system of continuous accounting eliminates breaks and reflects the quality and kinds of raw materials with the maximum accuracy.

- Organizing system of internal control

The issue of objectiveness of expert testing of lumber is of a high importance. There are several control systems that allow the supplier and the client to validate the correctness of the estimation of quality and quantity of raw materials. Our specialists have designed and introduced numerous systems that we offer to our clients.