Expert testing of roundwood and chips

- Measuring and determining quality of lumber using group method

Our company carries out expert testing of lumber using the group method in compliance with current industrial and national standards of the Russian Federation. The group method allows for quick, inexpensive, and quite accurate expert testing of lumber. This method is ideal for measuring roundwood intended for producing cellulose, pulp, as well as large quantities of lumber in warehouses and stacked.

- Single-item method of measurement and determining quality of lumber

Single-item accounting method of measuring volume of lumber consists of measuring the diameter and length of a log, and calculating the volume of a predetermined model log. This method is considered more accurate than group methods. It allows for obtaining more detailed about the quality and volume of raw materials, but requires more time and investments. This method is used for expert testing of expensive raw materials (plywood, saw logs, etc.).

- Inventorying of lumber warehouses

Experts of Schmidt & Olofson can carry out inventorying of lumber in warehouses, industrial sites, and plots. Inventorying determines the quantity, kinds, quality, as well as compliance of roundwood with technical documentation or other documentation provided by the client for inventorying warehouses.

- Measuring volume and determining quality of technological chips

Specialists of the company carry out measuring and determining quality of chips. The main goal is to determine the quality of technological chips, i.e. determining the degree of compliance of certain quality attributes of selected samples of chips by marks with national standards and/or other normative documents.

- Measuring volume of poured piles of bark, sawdust, and other lumber

Measuring the volume of poured piles of bark, sawdust, as well as other lumber stored outside in piles is carried out utilizing Sokkia digital tachymeter or similar devices with the minimum error. All devices and other means of measurement pass mandatory tests and have all necessary certificates.

- Control measurements of batches of lumber

In moot situations, experts of our company objectively estimate the quality of determine the quantity of lumber, independently and competently across the entire territory of Russian and the former republics of the USSR.