Schmidt & Olofson independent company has been operating on the independent expert testing services market since 1996. Our activities include organization of accounting of volume and quality control of various kinds of lumber raw materials and semi-finished products, as well as end products made from wood.

Roundwood (sorted and full-length logs) is most often subject to expert testing. Additionally, we carry out estimation of the volume and quality of technological chips, lumber, and products from deeply processed wood (paper rolls, particleboard, fiberboard, etc.). Products of lumber mills are tested at their warehouses and loading sites.

Among customers of ZAO Schmidt & Olofson are many large-scale enterprises of the lumber industry: Svetogorsk Pulp and Paper Plant, Bratsk Lumber Mill, Ust-Ilim Lumber Mill, Enisey Pulp and Paper Plant, Baikal Pulp and Paper Plant, Selengin Cardboard and Paper Plant, Pitkaranta Cellulose Plant, Archangelsk Lumber Mill #3, and Customs Directorate of the Russian Federation in the Northwest.

We maintain high standards of quality of our work and increase our status on the domestic market. We're also pursuing the global market. Schmidt & Olofson successfully passed the test for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and IQ Net international quality systems. In June 2003, our company became member of the Trade and Industry Chamber of the Leningrad Region. In order to discuss the problems of the lumber industry, an educational center was created in collaboration with the St. Petersburg Lumbering Technical Academy. The center organizes seminars that allow their participants to obtain highly qualified consultations from invited specialists.

All subdivisions of the company are outfitted with computers and telecommunications equipment. This allows for prominent processing of the most relevant information, as well as for exchanging of information between the personnel and services of the client company.

From the very moment of its creation, our company has been hiring only highly qualified employees. Only specialists with higher education work as experts in testing wood materials. Almost all our employees are graduates of the St. Petersburg Lumbering Technical Academy or other institutions of higher knowledge hired after they finished additional profiling courses. The high competition allows us to choose the most deserving candidates. The competition for the position of expert becomes more and more challenging, due to high and stable salaries and the name and prestige of the company.

Each of the competitors for the position of expert passes the internship and a qualification exam. Annually, the company's experts must prove their competence in the area of theoretical and practical methods of measurements and quality evaluation.

ZAO Schmidt & Olofson closely collaborates with the St. Petersburg Lumbering Technical Academy. In addition to the graduates of this leading lumbering institution of Russia, the company employs post-graduates and teachers of the Academy. We develop and introduce new methods of working with measurements instruments together with the employees of the Academy. Such devices as electronic measuring forks and digital tachymeters increase the accuracy of measurements. Results of all measurements, photo and video materials are stored in a specialized computer archive and may be presented to the client in the event of moot situations.

During the years of its operation, our company has created a reliable system of accounting of accepting, loading, and shipping of raw materials and end products at the client's company. Our accounting is based on the loading-unloading balance principle that eliminates errors in making reports. All accounting is done using computers; data is stored for a long period and can be presented to the client upon request.

Schmidt & Olofson is open for collaboration and is always ready to consider propositions from potential partners. We express the hope that our activity will strengthen the mutual trust of the participant of the lumbering market, and will help Russian achieve global standards of conducting business.